Meaning “The Maestro of Web Design”


Simply put Webstro make’s you a Maestro of Web design. Built for you as a tool to design and maintain your online presence on the go. No design experience required. Pre-built section’s make it easy use, designing a professional website in minutes.

Here to bridge the gap between designer, great idea’s and being able to build it the way you like it. We give you full control.


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Webstro is completely FREE!!! Design your website or let us do it for you. Only start paying when you ready to go live.

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Simple to use

Easily build a website with Webstro. Start from a template or make it from scratch. Add pre-made section’s and make it your own.


Edit on the go

No design skills needed, change every element you want easily add images, videos, text from your mobile.


Online presence

Easy to create, update, maintain & promote. Our website builder is all you need to get real results from your next site. ​


Domain and hosting

Transfer your domain or get a new one. Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts included. We cover everything.​​


Create a beautiful website by adding background images or videos and enabling parallax effects.

Page Duplication

Duplicate any website page so you can use its design and layout in another area of the site.

Global Design

Create a consistent website by defining site-wide settings for text, buttons, images, and backgrounds.

Color Overlays

Customize images and videos on your website with color overlays. Control both their color and opacity.


Improve your brand recognition by adding a favicon that displays on the browser tab.

Flat UI Design

Encourage conversions on your websites with modern designs that feature a fast-loading flat user interface.

Copy Paste

Make site-building even faster by copying and pasting elements inside your website.

Pre-Made Sections

Speed up your website design time even more with pre-built, draggable sections and widgets.

Image Optimization

Images are optimized and resized according to their location on page, for faster page speed.

Free Media Images

Choose images from our library of free stock images and add them into your website.

Easy Image Upload

Add images and content from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive and even Facebook.


Increase visitor engagement with YouTube or Vimeo videos in website backgrounds and popups.

Photo Gallery

Choose from multiple gallery layouts, customize by adding text, animations, hover effects and more.

Image Slider

Arrange photos in a swipeable image slider that has several layouts. Add titles, captions and links.


Add popups that promote sales, encourage email signups, or personalize the site for specific visitors.

Contact Form

Make it easy for visitors to get in touch with an easy-to-edit Contact Form. Use layout and style option.

Custom HTML

Add your own HTML/CSS/JavaScript to your website. Easily integration third-party or custom code.

Push Notifications

Help your customers stay in touch with you, even when visitors are not on your site, with Push Notifications.

Business Hours

Let website visitors know when a brick-and-mortar store is open and when it’s not.

Click To Call

Enable customers to call your business directly with a single click from a mobile device.

Click To Email

Enable visitors to email your directly from your websites for higher conversion.

OpenTable Reservations

With OpenTable online reservation service, site visitors can make restaurant reservations.

Facebook Like

Enables visitors to like a business’s Facebook page without leaving the website.


Choose from a library of icons, or upload your own SVG and customize to suit the site’s look and feel.


Create a beautiful list of anything you like, from products and services to team members.


Choose from several sleek layouts, and make it easier for site visitors to find your location.

Social Icons

Add links to social media pages like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.


Add beautiful, customizable dividers to your sites. Select a variety of layouts and designs.

Twitter Feed

Keep website visitors up-to-date by displaying a live Twitter feed on your website.


Make it easy for site visitors to share posts on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Fully Responsive

Webstro comes with a built-in eCommerce solution that displays beautifully and works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Easy to Edit

Personalizations are easy to edit and customize, so you can reuse a single personalization several times, tweaking it for your customers’ current needs.

Build From Scratch

Combine any mix of triggers and actions to create a website personalization rule that perfectly fits your unique business needs.

Device Type Trigger

Deliver specialized calls-to-action, messages and more that match the device a visitor is using.

Number of Visits Trigger

Determine what visitors see according to the number of visits they’ve made to a site. Change the messaging for first-time visitors and those who return often.

Campaign URL Trigger

Personalize a web page for visitors who found your customer’s site through a marketing campaign to give site visitors a more consistent experience.

Add New Content

Add any type of content that you want when this action is triggered. You can add a new section to a website, show a coupon, display a special message and more.

Add Custom JavaScript

Implement JavaScript on a site that displays when you want it to and disappears when you don’t.

Add Notification Bar

Run a message across the top of a website to highlight a promotion or deliver a special message to visitors.

Custom CSS & HTML

Take your website personalization to the next level using CSS and HTML to create truly breathtaking and engaging personalizations.

Hide Row

Every website is made up of rows, and they can be hidden at any time using a website personalization rule.

Fully Responsive

Displays your customer’s blog perfectly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Accessible Site-Wide

Add a blog element anywhere on a website so visitors can find it easily, from anywhere on the site.

Entirely Customizable

The blog design automatically matches the website design, and can be entirely customized.

Syndicated Content

ATOM and RSS feeds are automatically generated and updated for every new post on a website.

Multiple Authors

Increase the scope of a blog by enabling multiple authors to contribute to it directly.

Blog Stats

Know exactly how many people visit every blog post through automatic visitor tracking using our stats module.



300+ Templates.
Free @webstro domain
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Free co.za Domain
25 page website
Standard widgets
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3 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Standard Support

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Starter PLUS
Unlimited Pages
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Premium PLUS
Ecommerce Dashboard
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