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Quality ePub Creation, Conversion and Formatting Service


If you are a publisher who has successfully entered / want to enter into the eBook Market, then like many other publishers, you may be wondering how to reduce the production cost while increasing your profits.

Digital ICT simplifies the eBook production workflow and operates like clockwork: we help you enter the digital publishing market and open up new channels of revenue for your business. We customize and manage eBook production processes for your unique content.

One of the eBook production process offered by Digital ICT is ePub creation / conversion and advanced formatting service.

What is ePub?

ePub is an open standard format to deliver interoperability between software and hardware for reflowable digital books and other publications. The ePub can be read natively on PC, MAC, mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader, Nook, and it is also directly accepted by eBook distribution platform like Google, Barnes and Noble and Apple iBookStore etc.

And due to this it’s gaining wide acceptance amongst major content publishers and distributors across the world.

The Value you will get

Be a partner with Gurudev Informatics by outsourcing the ePub conversion process and help your readers get a value of the product they purchase. Fill out the Instant quote form to subscribe ePub creation service.

  • Exceptionally low cost per eBook
  • Quick turn around time
  • ePub format as per the “IDPG” Standard
  • Accreditation of EpubCheck
  • Multilingual support (Needs resource content with Unicode font of particular language)
  • Consistently high-quality ePub with advance formatting
  • ePub conversion for almost all digital formats (PDF, MS Word, HTMl, XHTML OR InDesign)
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